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Occupational and Industrial Safety

American Board of Industrial Hygiene
Construction Industry Safety and Compliance - OSHA
Develop a Jobsite Safety Program
Drug Free Workplace - Small Business Workplace Kit
Electronic Library of Construction Occupational Safety
Hazard Communications for Workers
Hazard Control Program
How to Plan for Workplace Emergencies
Job Hazard Analysis
Lab and Chemical Safety Survival Manual
Material Safety Data Sheets - Masonry Materials Natl Institute for Occupational Safety and Health Occupational and Environmental Health - Hardin
Safe at Work - Youth
Safe Work - International Labor Organization
Safe Work Documents - CDC
Safety and Health at Work - AFL-CIO
Safety and Health at Work - ILO
Safety - Workplace Checklist
Teens - Worst Jobs for Teens
Tools for Safety Program Assessment
Traumatic Workplace Injuries

Well Workplace Safety Workbook and Checklist
Worker Safety Sample Forms
Workforce Publications - International Labor Organization
Workplace Safety and Health - CDC
Workplace Safety Toolkit
Young Worker's Safety and Health
Young Workers Health and Safety Site

Construction Safety

Accident Reports - Fatal Facts
Carpenter Safety Articles - eLCOSH
Construction Checklist for Safety Self-Inspection
Construction Health and Safety Resources
Construction Safety and Fact Sheet
Construction Safety - eLCOSH
Construction Safety - NIOSH
Construction Safety - Free Fact Sheets
Construction Safety Industry Publications
Hardwood Dust - Chemical Hazard
Hazard Alerts for Building Trades
Hazards at Work - Woodworking Industry
Jobsite Safety
Jobsite Safety Handbook - OSHA
Noise and Hearing Loss Prevention
Noise in Construction
Preventing Fatalities in Construction Safe Work for Youth in Construction
Skin Hazards in Construction
Work Shop Safety
Woodworking on Toxic Woods
Woodworking Safety

Tool, Machine and Equipment Safety

ATV Safety for Farm, Work, Recreation
Chain Saw Safety
Hand and Power Tool Safety
Ladder Safety
Machine Shop Safety
Mower Safety
Personal Protective Equipment
Power Tool Safety
Roadway Signs and Signals
Safe Chain Saw Operation
Safety Hazards - Tools, Equipment, Machines
Saw Hazards - PDF
Scaffolding Safety Topics - OSHA
Stairways and Ladders - Safety and Health
Woodworking Machinery Safety Checklist
Workshop Safety Guidelines

Electrical Safety

Electrical Safety - NIOSH
Electrical Safety Standards
EMF Potential Hazards Ground Fault Protection
Lightning Safety- National
National Fire Protection Agency National Lighting Safety Institute
Safety in a Power Outage
Underwriter's Laboratory Web Resources
Underwriter's Laboratory
Working Safely Around Power Lines

Fire Safety

Classification of Portable Fire Extinguishers
Emergency Medicine Online References
Fire Safety - Homes and High-rises Fire Safety in the Workplace OSHA
Fire Safety Fact Sheets - U.S. Fire Administration
Hotel/Motel Fire Safety List
Propane Safety

Chemical Safety and MSDS

Chemicals and Materials Safety Information
Chemical Safety and Hazard Sheets
Chemical Safety Cards
Chemical Guides and Information Sources
Chemical and Materials OSH Answers
Entry and Fate of Chemicals in Humans
Hazardous Chemicals Pocket Guide Hazardous Substances Fact Sheets
Hazardous Substances
Household Product Database
Lead Poisoning Prevention
Material Data Safety Sheets - Welding and Cutting
MSDS on the Internet
MSDS Sources
Skin Hazards
Understanding MSDS Sheets
US Chemical Safety and Hazard Board

Personal Protective Safety

Burn Awareness and Prevention
Eye and Face Protection - OSHA
Eye Injuries - PDF
Injury Prevention - Personal Protective Equipment
Injury Prevention Links
How Chemicals Enter the Body Preparedness - Are You Ready
Respirator Fact Sheet
Safety - Your Own Procedure Evaluation

Welding and Metalworking Safety

Arc Welding Safety- NASD
Metalworking Fluids Hazards
Metalworking Health and Safety
Oxyacetylene Welding Safety
Welding Cutting and Brazing Safety and Health

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